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Valentines Day Essay

Valentines Day Essay Valentine's Day Essay Valentine's Day Essay This is a free sample essay on Valentine's Day. If you need custom assistance with Valentines Day essay writing, do not hesitate to request professional help of our essay writers! Let our writing experts help you with writing your unique, interesting, and original Valentines Day essay especially for you! Our writing services are legal, safe, and reliable! It happens around this time every year. We men undergo a transformation. This transformation is not by choice. In fact, we have no say in it whatsoever. It's the time of the year when the women in our lives transform us from ordinary guys to Valentines. It's the time of the year when we start to look a little better, our annoying hang-ups become cute idiosyncrasies and our previous miscues are forgotten in the eyes of women. It's the time of the year when we have a little more potential, the kind women say they can work with. And it's the only time when women say they like us just the way we are.Whether you know it or not, you're in somebody's sights, you're on some woman's short list of potential Valentine's Day dates. It could be the new woman in your office, the lead singer in the church choir who always manages to look your way sometime between the halle and the lujah, or the checkout girl at the convenience store who always gives you too much change, but she is so cute that you give it back to her because you don't want her to get in trouble. Indeed, Valentine's Day is upon us, and the pressure will be on all Brothers to do right by their lady. But there's no need to fear it, no need to try to hide out until it's all over.Where many of us make our mistake is in thinking February 14th is the sole day of the year to be romantic. When, in fact, Valentine's Day should be embraced, welcomed with open arms each year as the culmination of being thoughtful and considerate, imaginative and sincere during the previous 364 days of the year.So you say you're not the romantic type? Well, I'm here to help. Start with these nine imaginative things you can do all year long to assure yourself a place in your lady's heart before, on and after Valentine's Day.* Talk to her. Having a woman fall head over heels in love with you starts with the realization that, for women, love has more to do with emotions than with physical traits. So don't always start off in fifth gear, don't get stuck on sex talk all the time. Talk about other topics of mu tual interest. Talk about her job, your job, world issues. But in order to talk, you have to have something to talk about. Stay abreast of current events. Work on adding a little substance to her style.* Sweet-talk her. Leave a trail of chocolate kisses from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. Leave a note on the bed that reads I kiss the ground you walk on.* Write to her. Write a love note or poem on a piece of paper and then cut it up into puzzle-like pieces. Send one a day to her.* Kiss her. Spend one solid hour exploring various kissing techniques. And every now and then, surprise her with a kiss before she can finish a sentence.* Praise her. Tell the world how great she is. Build your lover a Web page expounding your love for her. Mention special moments and add some photos. Surf the Web with her one day and just stumble upon it. Or have someone send her an anonymous e-mail with the link inviting her to the special page.* Surprise her. Before she takes a shower, write the words I love you with your finger on the bathroom mirror. It will magically appear in the condensation as she showers.* Flirt with her. Flirting is a basic instinct, a part of human nature. Ask her how she's doing. Talk to her with an open mind. Listen, really listen, to her. Laugh at her jokes. Make eye contact. But not just eye contact. Hold it a second or two longer than you normally would. Compliment her routinely. Brush the lint off her jacket. Touch her hand in the midst of sharing a laugh.* Pique her curiosity. It should be your goal to always leave your lady wanting more. Put a single red rose on the seat of her ear before she goes to work. On that day at work, she'll think about how great you are all day long. On occasion, play romantic games with her. Take a picture of yourself in the sexiest outfit possible. Hide it in a secret spot in your house and leave her clues on how to find it.* Take her for a ride. Put a blindfold on her and drive to a place where you h ave a blanket, candles, strawberries, sparkling drinks, and a rose.If you follow these simple tips, you're practically guaranteed to have a Valentine's Dayand a lasting romanceto remember.

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Top5 current domestic terrorism Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Top5 current domestic terrorism threats(i.e.nuclear,bio,chemical,agriculture,etc) - Thesis Example Terrorism – and the threat of terror - can have political, social, and economic ramifications. Politically, terror can sow fear, destabilize governments and provoke various forms of retaliatory measures. States of all stripes – including modern liberal democracies – have responded to terrorist threats through the curtailment of civil liberties (United States post 9/11), the imposition of martial law (Canada during the FLQ crisis of 1970) and the wholesale destruction of communities (Iraq’s genocide of the Kurds in Halabja, 1988). Full-scale retaliatory measures, such as that which was practiced at Halabja using chemical weapons (between 3,000 and 5,000 people were killed one March afternoon), often indiscriminately target, kill and maim entire populations. Terrorists today are unencumbered by geographic boundaries and are able, through the use and abuse of modern technology, to sow damage and fear on a global scale. The terrorist of today is transnational and Al-Qaeda today provides perhaps the best example of a global terrorist network. Terrorism is also inherently destabilizing and wreaks havoc both politically and economically. It remains one of the most sustained and important threats to global security and world peace. Additionally, legal changes often ensue in the wake of terrorist acts and the United States has a history of implementing controversial legislation in the wake of terrorist acts (Chaliand 101-240). What is a terrorist and how does one define terrorism? The age old adage that â€Å"one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter† (Bergesen & Lizardo 39) remains true and the term terrorist has been notoriously difficult to define. Despite these challenges, a definition of terrorism is integral and must be defined to provide a theoretical basis to this essay. According to Dr. Mia Bloom, terrorism can be defined as â€Å"premeditated, politically motivated violence

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Hammurabi Code Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hammurabi Code - Essay Example Societies in which women were subjugated will typically show numerous laws protecting the rights and advantages of men, but will prevent women from gaining any power of their own. In these types of societies, women are forced to depend upon the men in their lives to provide them with the basic necessities for life because they are unable to own anything, inherit anything or make any of their own decisions. Although it is easy to assume that women have always suffered a subjugated role in all societies from the beginning of civilization, surviving records from several ancient societies reveal that women are only just now surpassing the freedoms afforded them centuries ago. One of the earliest systems of laws recorded is the codified legal system of King Hammurabi (1795-1750 B.C.), the ruler of the earliest known major city. Marriage laws within this code are very specific regarding the rights of the woman being almost equal to the rights of the man. For example, the bride’s family had to agree to the marriage by accepting the bride-price from the groom’s family. That the girl was a valued member of society is indicated in that this bride-price, along with a dowry provided by her family, went with her into her new marriage and remained her property for life. â€Å"If a man wish to separate from a woman who has borne him children, or from his wife who has borne him children: then he shall give that wife her dowry, and a part of the usufruct of field, garden, and property, so that she can rear her children.† Underscoring the value of the bride to her family is the idea that the bride is always a member of her father’s house, r egardless of to whom or how long she has been married and her honor is strongly protected regardless of her position in the family. â€Å"If a man be guilty of incest with his daughter, he shall be driven from

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The Russian & History Essay Example for Free

The Russian History Essay In 1918 and 1824, the Russian took over this Region of Kyrgyzstan. They included it in its union of member nations which was called U. S. S. R. The people of Kyrgyzstan instigated several revolts and demonstrations against the union. But the Russians were very brutal and stronger which caused many Kyrgyzstan people to free to the Parmir Mountains or to Afghanistan. In August 1991 the Kyrgyzstan regained there independence. Many organizations, groups and others who had freed the country were recalled to re-gather and reestablish into a solid group that included a backlash against the Russian. In 2000 February two rounds of parliamentary elections were held in Kyrgyzstan. The organization for Security and Cooperation engency (OSCE) was the international elections over seer. After the elections, this organization reported that elections failed to comply with commitments to free and fair elections and hence invalid. But the public remained calm over this matter, they never demonstrated or protested. (www. advantour. com/kyrgyzstan/history. htm) In 2005 February 25 another election was organized. The same organization which held responsibility over overseeing the election process in the previous election of 2000 was the same election overseer for that election. After the election president Akayev was announced the winner and sworn in. But the election observers reported that elections had some improvements over the 2000 election. The added that indelible ink was used, Transparent ballot boxes and general good access by election observers to the voting centers, but the concluded the election didn’t comply with the commitments of free and fair elections Sporadic protest against peeved manipulated and fraud during the elections of February 27, 2005, erupted into widespread calls for the government to resign, which started into widespread calls march 24, 15,000 pro-opposition demonstrators in Bishkek called for resignation of the President and his regime. Protestors seized the main government building, and Akayev hurriedly fled to resign and denouncing the events as a coup, he subsequently resigned his office on April 4. El Salvador (examples of ‘jihad and MacWorld’) In 1972 an election was organized, the two main political parties were the PCN and the UNO. The PCN was the party in power and had chosen Colonel Arturo Molina as its candidate. The candidate for the UNO (United National Opposition) was Napoleon Duarte. The campaigns in this election process were violent and dangerous, incidents of harassment, kidnapping, and assault against their activists where sighted. Finally after the casting of the votes, it was found out the Duarte from the opposition side had worn the elections. The ruling party recalled for a re-count which it claimed the winner. And Molina of the Ruling party was sworn in as the president. The blatancy of the fraud employed to maintain the PCN in power outraged and disillusioned many Salvadorans, including members of the armed forces. One faction of the officer corps, a new military youth wing, attempted to talk direct action to the official; exploitation of a system that had until that point shown some promise of evolving in a genuinely democracy direction. This group of young army officers, led by Colonel Benjamin Mejia, launched a coup (www. workmall. com/wfb2001/el_salvador/el_salvador_history_index. html) on March 25 1972. Their immediate goal was the establishment of a revolutionary Junta. â€Å"It seemed clear however that the officers favored the installation of Duarte as president. Kyrgyzstan (international global forces’ role in its power struggle) From 1900 Kyrgyzstan experienced about two direct/indirect influences in its power struggle. The first one was its integration into the U. S. S. R, Union of member nations which had negatives and positives towards its power struggles. The ruthless suppression of 1916 rebellions in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan inclusive triggered by the Russians imposition of them, caused many Kyrgyz flee to chain, Afghanistan and in the Pamir Mountains. All its national resources and other produce was collected and sent to Russia, where the cake was divided into and the Kyrgyzstan could be sent back the peanuts. However on the positive side of its integration into the union of the U. S. S. R, it got considerable cultural, educational, social development and economic improvements. This changes and developments where brought about by the U. S. S. R broadness and dives try (www. workmall. com/wfb2001/kyrgyzstan/kyrgyzstan_history_index. html) The second international/global force to influence its power struggle indirectly was the U. S. It is speculated that U. S directly or indirectly influenced the disintegration of the U. S. S. R union. And helped many their struggle towards their impendence. It also offered aid in the field of democratic politics, human rights economic aid and other. (www. advantour. com/kyrgyzstan/history. htm) However if there were no international forces in this country’s struggle toward achieving power. There would have been positive and negatives effects. After the World War II, the cold war began; it meant that you had to support the U. S or the U. S. S. R. Those who believe in communism like China, Cuba, North Korea and many others were on the U. S. S. R side. And those who support capitalism like Britain, Australia, Spain, France and many others had to be on the U. S side. These countries benefited fir the support of these systems. They got grants, aid and markets for their produce in return for their support from these big two giants. El Salvador (international/global forces in its power struggle) During the 12 – year civil war, human rights violations by both the government security forces and left-wing guerillas were rampant. The accords established a Truth commission under United Nations auspices to investigate the most serious cases. The commission reported its finding in 1993. It recommends that those identified as human rights violators be removed from all government and military posts, as well as recommending the judicial reforms. Thereafter, the legislation Assembly grants amnesty for political crimes committed during wars Among those freed as a result were the El Salvador Armed forces (ESAF) officers convicted in the November 1989 Jesuit murders and the FMLN ex- combatants held for the 1991 murders of two U. S service men. The peace accords also established the AD Hoc commission to evaluate the human rights record of the ESAF officers (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_El_ Salvador) The second direct involvement was by the U. S The carter administration had lost considerably leverage in El Salvador when the Romero government renounced United States aid in 1977. The United States there for welcomed the October 1979 coup and backed it up with its approval. When the economic aid package that by 1980 had become the largest western hemisphere recipients. A small amount of military aid also was provided. The United States advisers contributed to the third junta’s agrians reform program, particularly in phase III, of the reform, so called land to the Tiller decree of April 28 1980, granting title to small holders. (http://www. mongabay. com/reference/country_studies/el-salvador/HISTORY. html) However the United States had two motives why it involved its self in the El Salvador politics. First was to prevent the communism expansion threat through out the Central America. And to promote human rights this country. If there were no external forces in the politics of this nation perhaps the situation would have been worse. (www. hartford-hwp. com/archives/47/index) In El Salvador, there was violence through out the 1970s and 1980s, and thousands upon thousands died. In Kyrgyzstan, there was only very limited violence in 2005. With perhaps a dozen people dead as a result. Why was El Salvador so violent and why was Kyrgyzstan relatively peaceful? El Salvador These countries in the Central American Region were a high target in the cold war period. The U. S feared the expansion of communism could terminate its union states so it worked had to stop it rather if possible to eliminate it completely. Some countries were already converted like Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile and others. And the U. S. S. R put so much effort in these countries because they near to the United States. The Reagan administration initially appeared to stress the need to shore up El Salvador as a barrier against communism expansion in Central America. The United States Department of state issued a special report on February 23, 1981 entitled communism expansion interference in El Salvador which emphasized Nicaraguan, Cub and soviet support for the FMLN. The report was widely criticized in American media and the United States congress. Nevertheless, the administration succeeded in increasing substantially the United States military and economic aid to El Salvador appropriation. (http://www. mongabay. com/reference/country_studies/el-salvador/HISTORY. html) The second reason as to why there has been so much violence in El Salvador is the land issue. El Salvador is a small country, with a rapid growing population. Land in this country is not divided equally as much of the land was being divided by the rich and the high govern officials and little remain to the majority. Being the fact that most of the El Salvadorans people are farmers they don’t have a enough land for cultivation. So this has caused an influence in their politics. Whoever wants political power uses this land issue to win the attention of the majority landless in this country. (www. hartford-hwp. com/archives/47/index) In 1969 this land distribution wrangles went beyond their boundary to its most immediate neighbor Honduras. The El Salvador people crossed the boundary illegally into the Hondurans and encroached on their land. The Hondurans is a big country with a low population and most of the land is not development. President Oswald Lopez Arellan (1963-1971) influenced the law reform to evict the El Salvadorans back to their country. After their expulsion The government of El Salvador responded with a military offense to the Hondurans and a war between the two countries started. The people of El Salvador are power greedy. They didn’t have political willingness to take power democratically or by any peaceful means. When it means to rig elections they can do it, and the one who loses is not ready to give up and resort to military offences. They were used to coup way of taking over power. (www. politicalgraveyard. com/geo/ZZ/EL. html) Taking power and coup in this region had become the order of the day. In Cuba the regime which was in power used a barrier of a gun. In Nicaragua it was the same, Chile, Haiti and others. The only way of changing government in this region was not any other means but through military means. Kyrgyzstan (why has it been peaceful over the past years) There are many factors which have contributed to relative peace in this country over the past years. Kyrgyzstan’s union in the U. S. S. R meant the people of this country had little or non at political influence other than the union. Whenever the communist party choose some one for a position, it was final no question over that. Some how the people of this country got used to stay calm. The Kyrgyz Stan people had been deprived off their freedom of political choice. They never had before, any kind of greed for political power compared to the people of El Salvador. This speculated on their back ground before the 1900 and when the Russian included in to the U. S. S. R where Stalin had an iron hand to all who seemed like they wanted to oppose him This nation is a big country in relation to its population. It means the people of this country have more than enough land to cultivate and rear their animals without any interference. This gave employments to the youth who would have easily convinced in to acts of violence. (www. worldstatesmen. org/Kyrgyzstan. htm) The economy of this nation is big. Kyrgyzstan’s gross domestic product was in 2003 $1. 9 billion, in 2002 it was $1. 6 billion and in 2001 it was $1. 5 billion which contributes $536 for each Kyrgyz monthly. Kyrgyzstan have abundant hydropower, significant deposits of gold, rare metals, locally exploited coal, oil and natural gas. Agriculture produce includes tobacco, cotton, wheat vegetable (potatoes, sugar beets, beans) , fruits apple apricots, peaches grapes , berries etc. Its exports include small machinery transformers light industry and many others. Http://www. state. gov/r/pdi/bgn/5755.htm) Reference list Information about Kyrgyz Stan history, politics and economy (www. advantour. com/kyrgyzstan/history. htm) (Http://www. state. gov/r/pdi/bgn/5755. htm) (www. worldstatesmen. org/Kyrgyzstan. htm) (www. workmall. com/wfb2001/kyrgyzstan/kyrgyzstan_history_index. html) Information about El Salvador political history, economy (www. workmall. com/wfb2001/el_salvador/el_salvador_history_index. html) (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_El_ Salvador) (www. politicalgraveyard. com/geo/ZZ/EL. html) (www. hartford-hwp. com/archives/47/index) (http://www. mongabay. com/reference/country_studies/el-salvador/HISTORY. html)

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Human Nature Exposed in Chaim Potoks The Chosen :: Potok Chosen Essays

Human Nature Exposed in The Chosen      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A bad thing is only truly bad if you fail to make good of it.   The Chosen by Chaim Potok is a testimant to the human ability to learn, grow and prosper from adversity.   The story is filled with examples of situations in which something that may seem bad at the time, later reaps great rewards.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In the initial portion of The Chosen one of the main characters, Reuven Malter, is struck in the eye by a baseball hit by the other main character, Danny Saunders.   Surgery is needed on Reuven's eye, and the future use of his eye is in doubt.   To most this might appear a bad situation, a terrible thing to happen to a boy, but Reuven and Danny are brought together by this unfortunate incident and develop a strong and rewarding friendship.   This friendship of course has its ups and downs, but overall proves to be an invaluable learning experience to both young men.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Danny is forced to endure an awkward and possibly cruel situation for the majority of his formative years.   Danny's father never speaks with him. With the exception of Talmud discussions and Danny's baseball team idea, Danny and his father never speak.   This situation causes Danny a great deal of emotional pain, a pain which he is unable to comprehend his father's reasons for inflicting.   His father feared, and with reason, that if something were not done, Danny would never find his soul.   After many years, Danny finally understands, and accepts the reasons for his father's silence, and is in many ways grateful for its success.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   History is rich with individual, and broad examples of Potok's look into human nature.   During the Second World War, America suffered approximately four hundred thousand casualties, yet reached a state of national unity that has not been achieved before or after.   The war also ended the Great Depression that caused so many people, son many problems.   The atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki reaped considerable death and destruction, yet prevented far more.   Even as far back as biblical times, the

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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Car Essay

Everything has two sides to it, and there is no exception to owning a car. People can name just as many merits of owning a car as demerits of doing it. Apparently, convenience is one of the most important benefits that a car owner is looking for when spending huge sums of money for keeping one. Public transportation has developed rapidly in recent years in Vancouver. Yet, with the even faster expansion of Greater Vancouver Region, Vancouverites are expected to travel farther on a daily basis and there are always some places where you need to switch between trains, buses and seabus to arrive. Compared with driving, using public transport is time-consuming and tedious, esp. when you have luggage with you. Another benefit that driving brings you is to expand your life horizon to the extent that any other kind of transport can’t reach. Before coming to Canada, I lived about 200 kilometers from the world’s second largest desert: Taklimakan Desert. What is fascinating about the ‘sea of death’ is that a unique type of tree called diversi-formed leaves pillow have been flourishing in the heart of desert for thousands of years. The trees are said to be able to stand for 3 thousand years after dying, and lie for another 3 thousand years before rotting away. With a powerful Toyota 4700, my family used to visit the magnificent desert every year and are always stricken with breath-taking beauty of ‘Land of death and life’. In spite of these benefits that owning a car can bring us, the negative influence of driving to environment is also evident. Because cars are often single-occupied, driving means a huge more amount of gas emission than using public transport. In addition, keeping a car also requires constant extra expenses on fuel, parking and maintenance, let alone the considerable payment for car purchase and accidental damages. Things could be even worse when you fail to obey traffic rules and get penalties to pay for. Taking all these pros and cons into consideration, people often find it difficult to choose one over the other. Many people choose to drive for the convenience and freedom from harassments of hurrying to and waiting for public transport. Meanwhile, there are still more who enjoy a short time of relaxation on trains or buses instead of struggling to concentrate on driving after a tiring day.

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Beowulf and Grettirs Saga Essay - 3715 Words

Beowulf and Grettirs Saga IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT, someone or something, is murdering the local townsfolk. As fate provides, a stranger marches into the local bar announcing his intention to kill the menacing outlaw. The fiend returns to the scene of his crimes, and, as predicted, the outsider fights and mortally wounds the brute, which limps off to a hidden lair. The hero and his comrade(s) track the wounded villain to an underwater cave and the ensuing fray results in the death of the criminals sidekick. The stranger/hero explores the cave, discovering the carcass of the original fugitive, treasure and booty. Meanwhile, the strangers posse thinks the hero is dead and abandons him. The heros surprising return marks the end of†¦show more content†¦There is historical evidence that the Anglo Saxon Beowulf was composed, or more exactly transcribed, 900 years earlier than Grettirs Saga. According to Howell Chickering, Jr. there is only one piece of verifiable historical data in Beowulf, Hygelacs death in 521 during a raid on the Frisians (247). It is believed Grettirs Saga was originally written in Icelandic, sometime in the early 14th century (Killings 1). Beowulfs scop describes the fluctuation of oral composition by saying he, found new words, bound them up truly, / began to recite Beowulfs praise / a well-made lay of glorious deed, / skillfully varied his matter and style (871a-874b). The time gap between the two works can be narrowed to 400 years if one considers Beowulfs transcription point in the 10th century, and Grettirs Saga in the 14th century. Chickering asserts Grettirs Saga and Beowulf, go back independently to a common original (254), and are not evolutionary partners. The plot outlined above illustrates the many close parallels of books 64 to 67 of Grettirs Saga and the first book of Beowulf. However, the underlying religious tenor shifts significantly from work to work. Grettirs Saga immediately identifies itself as a Christian tale through the introduction of a priest who, after becoming the strangers sidekick, banishes the hero. Grettirs monster only appears at Yuletide, a time of Christian festivity formalized by